Hello, my friends!

When I think about my purpose in life, I think of my faith. I think about contributing to mankind. I think about how I can’t stand to give up on humanity. I think about ways to serve others. I think about my mistakes and creating something good out of them. I think about contributing to society. Because I write so much anyway, I find it very therapeutic to share my thoughts and knowledge to the world in hopes of inspiring others as I have been so deeply inspired by many.

The following is something I wrote about a year ago that I found fitting to share:

“I want you to imagine this- you are in a dark room. In this room, there are no windows, nothing to let the light in even on a sunny day. You know there is one door, but because there’s no light, you don’t want to get up out of fear that you will fall. So you just sit there yelling for someone to come get you out. After a while, you come to the realization that no one can get you out of this dark space. Although terrified, you finally build up enough courage to get up and find the door. You find the door, but realize that it’s locked, so you turn the lock, unlock the door, and let yourself out. Now try to see this as an analogy. I will explain this as it pertains to our lives.

We all have dreams, aspirations, goals, etc. but sadly, most of us never complete them in our lifetime. For many years, I lived in this dark room. I lived in pity-feeling bad for myself for the many situations I had gone through in my life. I spent those years laying on the floor in this room yelling for someone to let me out just to see. I cried for help on many occasions. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t ready to get up on my own quite yet.

Surely, during these years I had many dreams, aspirations, goals, etc… one being that I wanted to earn my bachelor’s degree. By 20 years old, I was a mother and a wife, and a college dropout. I always had an excuse to postpone my education. Pretty soon, you get real sick of empty cries for help, and real sick of the fear, that you get enough courage to get up and find that door and unlock it. For the first time in a very long time you can see the light and try to make your way to it. The bright light represents any dream you have, aspirations, goals, etc. Only you can unlock that door…no one is going to do that for you, nor can they.

Even though fear had me glued to the floor, I overcame that fear best I could and began taking the first steps in my life journey. I have found over and over again that it is very true that you reap the greatest benefits from the most difficult or scariest of journeys.

With this being said (and living some of my dreams & believing in myself that I WILL achieve the rest 🙂 ), I can say today I’m well on my journey of self discovery and trying my damnedest to live my God’s will, although I am human and screw up here and there. It took me facing some fear to do so but every step along my journey has been so worth it, and I wouldn’t change it either. My hardships have paved the way for my even greater destiny my God has planned for me.

I can only pray that someone out there going through similar or just rough situations reads my blog and learns from myself or many of the inspirational people I write about. If I can help just one person take that first baby step to self discovery, I have done good. Writing and journalism is my calling; it is my purpose. We all need to contribute to mankind some way or another, and this is my way. I refuse to give up on humanity just yet and only hope for positive change.”

-Elizabeth Hunsader-Arndt, February 2014

“You don’t drown by falling in a puddle- you drown by not picking yourself back up.” -Unknown


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