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Hello my internet friends!

The truth has never been as important as it is now! It is a time where standing united is also more important than ever before- even with different political opinions. This two party system is definitely in its final days. With President Donald J. Trump in office, I’ve recently seen a new ray of light where there is a sliver of hope for this otherwise doomed nation. As an independent myself, I was not part of the “Trump Train” in the beginning, but I still hesitantly put a vote in for him. With all the recent revelations, I decided to bring back my political blog as a tool for those who are (or need to be) “red-pilled.” I’d like to have a place of information and respectful debate. I encourage people to share their thoughts and beliefs no matter how “unpopular” they may be, as I am usually the one with the unpopular opinion and understand how difficult it can be to say what’s really on your mind.

As a disclaimer, I must say that much of this information has not been acknowledged or validated by our governments, but as you dive down the rabbit hole, you will begin to have your shades pulled back. You will begin to see the facts as truth, and not what the government, mainstream media, and history books tells you as truth. Has any of these named sources ever told the truth anyway? My short answer would be no.

Because of my own experiences involving extremely traumatic events which resulted in a complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis, I was let down this rabbit hole. I am a mom first and foremost, and the state this world is in right now has me gravely worried for my son’s future. I am not only a mother first, but I am a survivor. The only way we can fix this is by not cowering down and shutting up, but by standing bravely UNITED and shouting the TRUTH. We must not forget that. Unlike Antifa, it is important to stay non-violent.

I want to thank you for stopping by and encourage you to reach out to myself and others to spread truth.

God bless!

Thank you,


**Mom. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Artist. Blogger. Survivor.**

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